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wachs -Vax-

Full vegetable tannin tanned leather that was tanned using a method called the bucket method, almost 70 years ago.

At the time of tanning, beeswax, beeswax, fish oil, vegetable oil, etc. are mixed in a unique ratio and permeated into the leather.

The permeated wax floats on the surface of the leather, creating an indescribable soft atmosphere.

die tasche タッシェ wachs シビラ

daily care

About care

Brushing, oil care, etc.

I summarized the daily maintenance.


About aging

We have summarized the changes in the texture of leather with use.

Coloring is done with dyes, not pigments that cover the surface.

As a result, scars, wrinkles, and insect bites from the time the cow was alive will remain unhidden.

In addition, it is easy to get scratches such as nail marks, but it has a deep bosom that you can get used to it and even scratch it.

die Tasche タッシェ genau ミニサイフ


タッシェ ミニサイフ コンパクトウォレット

Used for about 6 months

By using it, the wax floating on the surface melts and the ground color of the leather gradually appears.

In addition, the leather is deepened in the process of using oil such as beef tallow, and the texture changes from a dull look to a transparent texture.

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