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What is die Tasche

It is a word that means "bag" in German.

The creator, Takemura, trained as a craftsman in Germany for three years.

In a craftsman training program called ausbildung

Deepen your skills and knowledge as a craftsman of leather bags and small leather goods,

I returned to Japan with the national qualification of Germany.

Based on my experience in the workplace of making bags in Germany for more than half a century

Because I think I am now

The German word for "bag",

I changed the name of [ die Tasche].

design concept

Rather than a wacky design or form that catches the eye at a glance

It is designed to have a slightly nifty line and structure as the best design base for usability.
At one point, I suddenly picked it up

Discover details that you haven't noticed before.
We are devising ways to bring out such charm.

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